The Consortium for Global Talent is a joint initiative of January 2010 between 18 of the largest Danish and international companies based in Denmark. The task of the Consortium is to attract and retain skilled global professionals in Denmark. The overall aim is to improve the conditions for the foreign professionals and their families and to contribute to making Denmark one of the best places to live in, Work and study.

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October 1, 2014
Anders Rendtorff

Anders Monrad Rendtorff

The battle for talent has moved up on the chief executives’ agenda all around the world… Continue reading

Want to know how the CGT might be able to help and assist you?
Take a look at our Welcome Package for more information.

Welcome Package

Relocating to another country requires a great deal of practical coordination and mental adjustment and can result in both challenges and exciting experiences.

Some companies offer a specific support package when transferred. However, whether you are supported by a specific programme or not, there are several practicalities to keep in mind. We all want to get through such practicalities as quickly as possible, and without too much trouble. The purpose of this guide is to function as a lookup tool, helping you to quickly and easily address the practicalities you may face before and upon arrival to, during your stay in and before and upon departure from Denmark. The descriptions are kept concise – often with links and references to further information – and you can choose to only read about the topics that are relevant to you as they are alphabetically listed.

Start here, and be on top of the practicalities, so you can concentrate on the many exciting learnings and experiences related to moving to a new country, meeting new people and starting in a new job.

The Consortium for Global Talent

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